Effect: Hybrid-Experimental

Type: Hydroplane

Composition: Wood

Place: North America

Use: Sailing Hydrofoil

Size: 30' 0"

Date: 1958

Builder/Location: J.G. Baker Manufacturing

Museum Location: 34

The world’s first sailing hydrofoil.

“Monitor”, Sailing Hydrofoil, 1958
J.G. Baker Manufacturing, Evansville, Wisconsin

The world’s first sailing hydrofoil. A sailboat goes faster when less of its surface is slowed by friction with the water. The metal foil ladders on both sides and at the rear of “Monitor” function like airplane wings, lifting the boat out of the water as the wind increases pressure on the sails. At 800 pounds, “Monitor” can only rise out of the water with winds over 13 miles per hour.

“Monitor” has been clocked at more than 35 miles per hour —fast for any sailboat.


Origin: Evansville, USA, Wisconsin


Watch this in action: